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"I'm Coming Over"
Release date late 2021

Anslem Douglas (Voice, Songwriting, Arranging)

Sandro Albert (Guitars, Keys, Programming, and Rhodes)

Keco Brandão (Rhodes)

BJ (Bass)

Cassio Duarte (Percussion)

Bernie Davis (Drums)

Kevin Killen (mixing)

Oscar Zambrano (mastering)

All of the songs were composed and arranged by Anslem Douglas and Sandro Albert (except for "Drive" and "Outstanding")

I’m Coming Over is the forthcoming album from Grammy-Award-winning songwriter and singer Anslem Douglas (“Who Let The Dogs Out”). It is a pivotal project for Anslem, as he transitions from a genre he is most known for, Calypso/Caribbean, to Rhythm and Blues/Soul. In doing so, he works with renowned Brazilian producer, arranger, and guitarist Sandro Albert. The album was recorded in New York and features several notable studio musicians, including Sandro Albert (Guitars, Keys, Programming, and Rhodes), Keco Brandão (Rhodes), BJ (Bass), Cassio Duarte (Percussion), and Bernie Davis (Drums). The album was mixed and mastered by award-winning engineers Kevin Killen (mixing) and Oscar Zambrano (mastering). All of the songs were composed and arranged by Anslem Douglas and Sandro Albert (except for "Drive" and "Outstanding").


Of his new project, Anslem states, “My songs are like my babies, my children, and like most artists, we think that every song is a hit and platinum record (laughs). However, in most cases, that is not what happens.” The inspiration for writing this project came from his wish to tell stories relatable to one or many. He feels that if it’s true for one person, then there’s a good chance it’s true for millions of people. Throughout the project’s creation, he followed a voice inside him saying, “paint a picture with your lyrics and melody.” Using two verses, a chorus, and a bridge, Anslem hopes I’m Coming Over will transport you, creating a movie you can vividly sense and touch..

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Anslem Douglas

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Anslem Douglas is a songwriter, performer, and author who wrote the recognizable Grammy-winning song "Who Let The Dogs Out," among several other Caribbean hits. He has performed in front of receptive audiences worldwide, including England, Canada, the United States, Israel, Sweden, Antigua, Zimbabwe, and many others.


With his Trinidad and Tobago heritage, Douglas has been strongly influenced by calypso, the country's national music. This, coupled with growing up in church and being in the church choir, and performing in his Country's Coast Guard band, exposed him to various musical styles and genres throughout the course of his career. Douglas has had great success as a Calypso/Soca artist and is preparing to make a mark globally with his soon-to-be-released album, which fuses R&B, Soul, Smooth-Jazz, and Pop. The eleven-track recording features nine songs written by Douglas and two well-known covers. It was produced in 2019 in New York City by renowned Brazilian-American guitarist Sandro Albert and is scheduled for release late 2021.

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GRAMMY Award-Winning Songwriter and Black Canadian Award winner

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